Education-Care Programme, simply referred to as Edu-Care Programme, is our primary programme dedicated to school sponsorship. Our main objective is to motivate and support the children so they can emerge from their personal tragedies and family problems and concentrate on their education.

Under this project we sponsor 43 students ranging from Grades 1-12. This population also includes one engineering student and one nursing student.

We feel that education alone can help uplift their social status; as well as enrich their inner lives, their soul. We want them to be able to focus on their studies with complete peace of mind and let us take care of their material/financial needs.

We provide the necessary items, such as stationery, books, notebooks, workbooks, school bags and uniforms; as well as other related expenses. And whenever a student becomes ill, we take care of the medical expenses, as well. Additionally, we provide two new sets of clothes each year to all of the sponsor students. All this is offered with great love and sincere affection.


“Kalvi Kudil” in the Tamil language means “Home of Education.” This describes our free study centre where the children come daily to study and to do their school work. They receive guidance from a qualified female teacher with their homework, school projects and lessons.

Special coaching classes are conducted from 5 PM to 7 PM on weekdays and from 10 AM to 1 PM on the weekends. Additionally, we provide food daily to all the children.

Our library has more than 800 books specializing in Grades 1-12. We also have a separate section of books useful for college/university admissions exams/studies and for passing several competitive, placement exams to attain Government employment.


Our Widow and Elderly Women Development Programme is dedicated to the upliftment of these two populations. GET supports five widows, as well as five elderly and destitute women; both groups in need of the basic requirements of life. Also, an HIV positive patient receives support.

Being a widow is one of the worst possible situations that can befall a woman in South India. They are considered a bad omen and are usually ostracized by their relations. Typically, husbands are the sole bread winners in our region. With husbands gone, the women are left stranded with their children and can struggle under extreme poverty. Also, due to the traditional thinking that widows are inauspicious, many employers will avoid giving them employment.

Therefore, we at Get Education Trust arrange for these widows to be employed in agricultural labour, as well as provide monthly financial help and two new dresses annually.

Get Education Trust also supports five elderly women. These women are destitute as well, and have nobody to take care of them in their later years. Some of them have been abandoned by their sons and daughters due to poverty. Thus, we offer monthly financial help to these elderly women and provide them with two new dresses annually.


We, at Get Education Trust, teach our children to keep our surroundings clean and eco-friendly. We ask them to plant tree saplings whenever possible and help in maintaining environmentally friendly surroundings. Our motivation is to plant at least 26 tree saplings a month.

The children who succeed in taking good care of their home and surroundings in a clean and green manner are recognized with compliments and gifts.